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Belize: A Great Destination by Kate Joynes-Burgess

Published in 2010, Kate’s travel guide is insightful and cleverly written with
charming anecdotes and a unique format. Our guests have found it helpful for
knowing what to bring, how to prepare, and how to make the most of their vacation in Belize.
Although many of the published rates are out of date due to fuel increases, the advice and
information is still relevant today.


December 31, 2012
I went on my first tour with River Rat yesterday to Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM),
and it was the most extraordinary experience I’ve had in Belize. That’s saying a
lot, considering it’s the second time I’ve been to ATM. Our guide Raf was–like
Gonzo, the head guide–a graduate student in archaeology, but also grew up
exploring caves in the Cayo countryside, so he has a deep history with both the
academic and spiritual aspects of caves. It was clear how much he loved sharing
everything he knew about the cave and its surrounds, including stories from his
childhood one minute, and the latest archaeological theories the next minute.
River Rat was also technically superb. They know what travelers need. They
especially seemed to know exactly when we needed an energy boost: a delicious
meal of yellow rice, tandoori chicken, and glazed plantains before we went in; a
snack at the midpoint of the cave incursion; and plantain chips and fresh oranges
on the way back. They took such great care of us. I was also impressed at how
much time Raf took on our tour. Other groups tend to rush in and out, but we
were inside for several hours, each cave formation and artifact carefully explained
to us.
In sum, I’ll just say, book with River Rat if at all possible. I can’t say enough good
things about them.

Monica Byrne
Writer & Playwright