Caving Expeditions

Journey to the Underworld of Belize with us and discern a forgotten domain.

Caving is not only a hobby but it’s our playground and classroom (Rats philosophy)

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We have explored caves from the amateurs’ perspective, playing amongst the tunnels of many from childhood to adult, and today interpreting them from an academic and professional spelunking career. Many of us having grown in a traditional Maya home humbly continue to regard caves from the traditional understandings as sacred sites of our ancestors and from our way of life, the Maya way of life.

“Caves continue to hold ancient mysteries and secrets of the past. Around the globe ancient cultures have devoted journeys to caves for multiple explanations, as sacred pathways to other worlds, crusades to meet earth monsters, pilgrimage sites to meet primordial gods and the list goes on”.(The Rats and Others)

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ATM Main PicActun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave

Barton Creek Main Pic 2Barton Creek Cave

Chechem Ha Main PicChechem Ha Cave

Cave Tubing MainCave Tubing