About Us

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Our mission is to develop and deliver safe, responsible, and educational activities in the outdoors, while providing to our guest a higher vision of appreciation of our environment, diverse cultures, and to serve as stewards of our resources for long-term sustainability.

We  are located in San Ignacio, Cayo District, which is the base of operations for inland adventure travel in Western Belize and home of the River Rat Crew. Our team of highly professional guides brings many years of outdoor experiences to Adventure and Archaeo-Tourism. Our skills range from leading relaxed, family-oriented expeditions to rigorous adventure sport.

All of our guides are licensed, and are certified instructors by the Belize Tourist Board (BTB).  Several members of our team are currently involved in their own research completing their higher education and accomplishing Bachelors, Masters, or PhD’s. Our crew will work with you in the outdoors to assist you and enhance your knowledge in the areas of ca101779083224572 copyve archeology and exploration, the archeology and research of Maya ruins, and the enjoyment of canoeing, birding, cave tubing, and a list of many more fun and innovative tours.

The Cayo District is rich for exploration with the mystery of major Ancient Maya settlement sites and world-class cave systems. Your destinations include the world renowned Actun Tunichil Muknal, pristine jungles, rivers, waterfalls, and communities with a unique blend of cultures. We invite you to join one of our expeditions for an unforgettable Adventure Tour Package as we share with you our culture.


The River Rat Crew:

Gonzalo “Gonzo” Pleitez – Cave specialist, archaeologist, and senior guide.

Rafael “Raf” Guerra – Maya ruin specialist, archaeologist, and senior guide.