Welcome to River Rat Expeditions.


We are a small team of specialized Belizean Adventure Guides with a background in Surface and Cave archeology, that have spent many a day hiking over the Maya Mountains and traversing through the underworld. Our expeditions across the Belizean landscape have taken us to both ancient cities and ceremonial caves where cultural material of ancient human function is evident. Today we find ourselves in an active world of adventure and archeo-tourism, while we are active field staff and research members of the B.C.R.P. (Belize Caves Research Project) directed by Dr. Holley Moyes and B.V.A.R. (Belize Valley Archeology Reconnaissance) directed by Dr. Jaime Awe.

All archaeological research is under the auspices of the institute of archeology of Belize (Directed by Dr. John Morris).

We invite you to adventure with us to explore the ancient cities and the mythical underworld of the ancient Maya.

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Our playground include hikes to caves and ancient cities, rain-forest,  wildlife and waterfalls. Join one of our crew into the outdoors and adventure on the road less traveled.

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Please visit our adventure packages for a tour of what we offer. We have selected destinations to meet all levels of physical fitness and family friendly environments.

At River Rat, our mission is to develop and deliver safe, responsible, and educational activities in the outdoors, to gain a higher vision and appreciation of our environments and cultures and to serve as stewards of our resources long-term sustainability.

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